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The Intelligent Improvement Leader (E-Book)

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Who is a lean leader? Everyone is a lean leader. But it starts with you.

The reality is change and continuous improvement efforts need strong leadership, and this is major cause for failures. It’s not getting any better either as generations of leaders change as well as philosophies. We need change inspired lean leadership.

Being a lean leader means being a change agent, and we know this is not easy work. It does however start with you personally, and this book is written for you from decades of real experience, including tips and lessons from failures as well as successes. It takes you through the personal journey, the importance of culture, leadership, and sustainment. It is designed to help you become a stronger leader whose mission is to drive meaningful yet sustainable change and improvement. Because in the end, success or failure starts with you.

If you work with lean, change management, or continuous improvement leadership, this book is for you. Whether in a lean management role, operations leadership, change or project management in manufacturing or other industries, this book can provide some different and unconventional looks to help you and your team improve effectiveness. 

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