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Leveraging Design For Flow: Unlocking Systematic Gains in Process and Cell Design (E-Book)

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Design For Flow (DFF) is an approach to help you get maximum output and benefits when doing micro level cell or process design. The approach leverages existing tools and techniques in a structured manner to maximize flow, safety, quality, and productivity.

**This is a digital, downloadable PDF E-Book.

You ARE ENTITLED to getting more out of your process and cell designs. The Dynet Breckenridge site needed to free up space in their assembly area to meet their plans from their Layout 3P effort, while also improving their quality and productivity, and faced a dilemma on how to achieve it. A different mindset and approach would prove to be critical. In this practical, fast track book, a sequel to Facility & Process Design Using Layout 3P, you will follow the continued story of Dynet Breckenridge while learning the Design for Flow (DFF) methodology that can be leveraged to achieve systematic gains in your production operations. Follow along and learn how to apply this unique approach to improve not only your business, but also your individual paradigm on improvement. This book covers the Design for Flow (DFF) approach and will cover:

• Utilizing common tools in a systematic way to achieve breakthrough results in throughput and productivity
• Improving quality through product form, fit, and function learning to engage in deeper process design work
• Enhancing safety and reducing footprints dramatically via more aggressive design approach and target setting