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Facility and Process Design with Layout 3P (E-Book)

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Layout 3P is a systematic approach that leverages various techniques including lean, design thinking, and human psychology to push team creativity and innovation in developing optimal layout solutions.

** This is a digital, downloadable PDF E-Book.

This book is a step-by-step process guide to developing innovative lean layout work right. Written in a story like flow, it will demonstrate a streamlined and proven approach to help you develop effective and optimized layouts for facilities, plants, cells, or other spaces fast with maximum team engagement and creativity. The outcomes will be a detailed layout and a plan for progression to a future state vision that can improve flow, throughput, and space optimization significantly in organizations large and small.

• Understand current state challenges and opportunities through a structured analysis while setting design criteria
• Develop several innovative layout options fast and hone in on best solution using scientific approach
• Drive maximum team engagement through process to increase buy in for implementation
• Create an iterative process to instill an evolving future state vision
• Create layouts that maximize flow, throughput, and optimize space