Real Lean Leadership Gear From Real Practitioners

As a lean or change leader, providing inspiration is part of the job but so is having some fun. In practice, it is always beneficial to keep a healthy mix of motivation, fun, and being “real” (aka authentic). If you are in lean management, you get it. 

One area that is sometimes hard to come by is having some gear or apparel that covers each of those for yourself and other team members. This is an area we at The Rx Shop can help. 

Our gear is designed with fun in mind but it’s also real, and we do it to inspire others and build a brand around continuous improvement. It can help you individually but can also be great for your teams. our gear is perfect for kaizen events, casual Friday, or lounging around on the weekend. 

We provide products that you can proudly display your belief and confidence in what you are preaching. Show others while you tell them and continue to be consistent in your messaging. Keep it front and center. Give away as gifts to team members or in events. 

If you have been looking for kaizen inspired gear, look no further. We got you covered. Form the minds of actual practitioners and leaders, we strive to put out cool motivational products to aid you on your journey. Check us out today

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